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Jeff.  Photographed in State College.

This may go down as my favorite subject yet.  Jeff’s location is not disclosed both out of respect and because it’s a best kept secret that takes his image from great to “out of this world”.  The dusty bricks, the hand painted patio set, and the back of the shelves in the neighboring store help give this spot the urban atmosphere that fits Jeff so appropriately.  The army coat screams mod – one of my favorite influences.  The plaid shirt underneath adds a touch of 90’s grunge to his hip, grad student look.  The jeans and graphic tee round things out nicely.  Besides these, there are many minor components that make this look impressive.  Note the tartan pattern in the socks.  It adds a subtle touch of dandy to the outfit.  The glasses make him look more sophisticated too, making him look more inviting and interesting than that indie kid who lives down the hall.  Lastly, the distressed hairstyle adds the right amount of edge, complemented well by Jeff’s facial hair shadow.  The MacBook may cause you stereotype, but it makes this scene complete.  I felt bad interrupting his phone call, but this was as picture perfect as it gets.  Kudos to Jeff for doing this look right, take note and follow his lead, Penn State.

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