Activity Fee Board Approves Legal Clinic

366 days after he was elected to be the 2008-09 UPUA President, Gavin Keirans succeeded in fulfilling one of his major campaign promises from his previous campaign.

On Friday, the Student Activity Fee Board approved a $2 fee that will fund a legal services clinic that will provide consultation and representation for students at no additional cost. This $2 fee is a consequence of the Student Activity Fee Board voting against an amendement to its bylaws that would allow the monies it controls to be used for legal services.

The legal services clinic will be staffed by a full-time attorney with experience in “tenant-landlord, credit-consumer, and contract law,” according to Kerians’ press release. The extra work will be taken up by students from the Dickinson School of Law, who will be assisting the legal services clinic in exchange for course credit. According to the Collegian, Keirans estimated the initial cost of the clinc to be $140,000 yearly.

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