Help A Brotha..Er, A Pair Of Researchers Out

As reported in Onward State’s infancy (oh, times were simpler back then), a Penn State team of researchers, led by Stephan Schuster and Webb Miller, were the first to entirely sequence the genome of an extinct animal – the Wooly Mammoth.

The folks over at TIME realize what a big deal this accomplishment is, and have nominated Schuster and Miller for their “Top 100 Most Influential” people issue. For the duo to make the jump from the pool of 200 finalists to make the issue, they need votes:

Time has set up a Web site so that everyone can vote to select the top 100 winners out of the 200 finalists. Penn State fans can vote for the Penn State team at,28757,1883644,00.html online.

The link above may take you to the overall page, so for those of you who don’t have the time to rate all 200 nominee’s influence (psh, you’ve got embarrassing photos of yourself to un-tag on Facebook!), try this link.

Go there and continue to extend the legacy of Penn State with only a few clicks!

[Source: Penn State Live]

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