Day: March 31, 2009

Schreyer Honors College StuCo Endorses Miller

The timing of this endorsement strikes me as particularly advantageous for candidate Miller. Here’s the quote from the email the president of the Schreyer Honors College’s Student Council sent out just now: Today is UPUA election day. The SHC Student Council has officially endorsed Sam Miller and Matthew Smith as UPUA President and Vice President. […]

10 Questions with Samantha Miller

Yesterday, we introduced you to Gavin Keirans, the incumbent candidate for UPUA president. Today we are doing the same with his opponent, Samantha Miller. She is the current UPUA Governmental Affairs Committee Chair. In that role, she has consistently pushed the government for greater equity in Penn State’s appropriations. The interview was conducted by the […]

Overheard on Twitter

This is how Casey reacted to handing in her two weeks notice… Do you blame her?

NIT Semifinal Live Blog: More Like Notre LAME

You can find the archived live blog after the jump.

Recap of the UPUA debate

These debates brought me right back to good old presidential election season ’08, when mudslinging ruled the media. Despite honorable attempts by all three candidate teams, the debate was rife with name-dropping, fist-banging, and ad-hominem¬†arguments (although some candidates engaged in such activity more than others). So what’s a student to do? Here’s a no-nonsense summary […]

UPUA Debate from A Guy Who Knows Nothing

I’m going to be straight up honest with all of you fine folk: I know very little about how our student government works here on campus. I got into it my freshman year, but when then-Vice President of Student Affairs Vicky Triponey came in and pooped on everything, including dissolving USG for what is now […]

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