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doctorsHave you ever dreamed of having a doctoral degree, despite having no formal PhD education? Well, now you can – provided that you have “national or international significance” and aren’t on the Penn State payroll – with the help of Penn State’s Honorary Degree Nomination Extravaganza! Yes, with the help of a few thousand friends and a little bit of importance, you too can become a doctor!

Okay, so you most likely can’t get an honorary doctorate as an undergrad, but it’s still pretty cool. Even if you’re still a ways away from becoming important enough to get an honorary PhD from one of the largest universities in America, you can still nominate someone you think is deserving.

Nominations should include the name and a short biography, if one is readily available, and be sent to Tom Poole, associate to the President for administration, 201 Old Main, University Park, or via e-mail to [email protected] by Monday, April 24.

Those who are still interested in nominating still have a solid few weeks to send in their picks. April 24 is a Friday, though, and not a Monday. I wonder if this will have any effect on the honorary doctorates of Dr. J, Dr. Dre, and Dr. Phil. I sure hope not!

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