Big Ten Tea Party Roundup

If you’re going to be paying taxes, might as well make it a party, right? Yesterday, over 750 Tax Day Tea Parties were held to protest rising government spending and the resulting tax increases. Check out the New York Times for the full back story.

The video we have for you is kind of superfluous, but haven’t you always wanted to her Anderson Cooper, CNN’s silver fox, say “It’s hard to talk when you’re teabagging.”

Coverage Roundup

Penn State:

Facebook Event
We Surround Them Centre County Ning Social Network

CDT Coverage
Collegian Coverage
And we’ll be posting a video we produced at the event with Sam Settle, the prodigious Pen State conservative

Indiana University: More than 200 march on Tax Day

University of Illinois: Tax Day Party: Citizens gather to protest stimulus package, bailout plan

University of Iowa: No article published

University of Michigan: Tax Day on the Diag

Michigan State University: Tax Day protest draws thousands to the capitol
Joe the Plumber hosted it!

University of Minnesota: Several thousand crowd Capitol lawn to protest big government

Northwestern University: Anti-Obama protest garners many downtown

Ohio State University: Protestors: No more taxes

Purdue University: No article published

University of Wisconsin: ‘Tea Party’ crashes capitol

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