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Ramon.  Photographed Outside the McAllister Building.

I tip my hat to Ramon.  This is fly.  Period.  First look at the details: the graphics on the belt, his watch, the use of a “shine-based” motif – all of these are brilliant.  Then check how Ramon integrates them.  A white tee and black denim to me are a blank canvas.  Sometimes one should go very Dada with it and leave it as is, but it also leaves room for personal accents like Ramon uses here. A busy graphic tee or non-neutral colored pair of pants would be an overload.  Notice the jacket material.  It’s a faux leather with mesh-style detailing.  Definitely Kanye-approved (more people should take lessons from the egocentric mogul).  The big sell for me: the Onitsuka Tigers.  I’m a casual collector and absolutely love this color combination.  Yes, maybe this is a bias, but it’d be impossible for someone to deny those shoes as hip.  On top of it all, Ramon was a great guy, too.  Look out for this Nittany Lion to up the style credentials at your next party.

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