Frat Boys to Return Home

welcome home

The higher-ups gave them the boot for drinking violations.  Then their house burned down.  But the Tau Tau chapter of the Tau Delta Phi fraternity can finally thrive.

This newly-named group of lads is back in the IFC as of Tuesday.  And yesterday, the Collegian announced that restoration after the fire is virtually complete, allowing the boys to return home.

Fraternity lawyers continue to battle university lawyers over property rights, but let’s skip over that legal jargon.  For now at least, the Tau Tau boys can be content in moving back to their ole frat house, cozily nested adjacent to the IST building.  Nothing like public noontime beer pong on a Wednesday, eh?

Beer pong or no beer pong, this group of young men did work hard to reconstruct their home with the help of family, friends, and alumni.  Once a handyman completes work on the telephone line, the frat house will welcome visitors and residents once again.

If all goes well, the fire alarms should actually work this time.  And let’s hope that a fire won’t start in the first place.  And let’s hope our Penn State fraternities don’t violate any more drinking policies.  And let’s hope that Penn State becomes a dry campus.  Right.


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