Tau Tau Uprising

Phi Delta Theta House by mofaddenrn.What do you do when you get in a spot of trouble that gets you kicked out of your house? Change your name and don’t take shit from nobody.

The Collegian reports today that the former Phi Delta Theta fraternity and Phi society were voted back into the Interfraternity Council by a two-thirds majority on Tuesday night. The gentlemen are now a part of Tau Delta Phi as the Tau Tau chapter, whose name shares a strange resemblance to that of the Kenyan Mau-Mau revolutionaries of the 1950’s. Coincidence? Perhaps…

Good for these guys. They’ve had nothing but trouble since what seemed to be a minor infraction of their national fraternity’s alcohol policy eventually culminated in the possibility of them being left homeless. Penn State’s on-campus frat houses are, by law, to be used only by nationally recognized frat chapters, as we mentioned with the Beta Theta Pi fiasco in February. Then, of course, some of them really did end up homeless when a small fire forced evictions. No word yet on whether they automatically get the house back, but at least this is a step in the right direction.


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