Day: April 17, 2009

The Natty Nittany

Mark.  Photographed on Pollock Road. I feel like the readers should be able to figure out why I chose this one.  Retro-styled cardigan, vintage-esque headphones, those 80’s dayglo sunglasses – they all make for a highly unique image.  It may be a bit too rough around the edges for my taste, but there’s a definite […]

Kristy Goes For Gold

I promise this is probably the last time you will hear about this on Onward State. Kristy was victorious over Keely yesterday, but alas, today, the FINAL, offers a new challenge in Laurel. So go out and support Penn State by voting for Kristy! For the Glory!

Frat Boys to Return Home

The higher-ups gave them the boot for drinking violations.  Then their house burned down.  But the Tau Tau chapter of the Tau Delta Phi fraternity can finally thrive. This newly-named group of lads is back in the IFC as of Tuesday.  And yesterday, the Collegian announced that restoration after the fire is virtually complete, allowing […]

Going Geek: Making the Move to Gmail

Last week, Evan wondered what would happen if Penn State did away with its notorious Webmail system and adopted a 3rd-party service, like the ever-popular Gmail. The comments section soon filled with questions and tips on how to make Webmail work better and how to even replace it with Gmail. It hadn’t occurred to me […]

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