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Ryan is a senior Media Studies major. In addition to writing for Onward State, you can find him performing with Full Ammo Improv Troupe ( and with No Refund Theatre ( on campus.

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A Very Serious Interview About Comedy

This weekend, experienced and fresh faced improvisers alike will test their mettle against one another in the 2nd annual Full Ammo Student-Alumni Cagematch. Current Full Ammo members and their graduate counterparts perform for your votes FOR FREE in 105 Forum this Saturday at 8 p.m.

Reader-Submitted Post

Counterpoint: Like Cheese, Fine Comedy Gets Better with Age

My friend, former teammate, and current Full Ammo president Dan Miller claims that "young improv" is good improv, but nothing could be further from the truth -- he should know, as someone who has had to sit through as many audition processes as I have (including his own! Ha cha cha!)

10 Questions With Tom, PSU “Wheel” Rep

A few weeks ago, Eli let us know about Drew Magathan, the Temple student who cleaned up on Wheel of Fortune with over $100,000, and lamented the lack of Penn State representation on the show. That’s when we were thrilled to find out (through commenter Kyle – thanks Kyle!) that we actually did have a […]

Former GSA President Busted for Alleged Forgery

We hate to have to report on student crime here at Penn State. Especially when it is borne out of desperation. Earlier today we posted about the unfortunate case of the Smeal Investment Club President getting busted, which comes a week after we found out that Raghavan Balaji, the former president of the Graduate Student […]

Going Geek: Does Facebook Own Your Stuff Yet?

Remember a few weeks ago when everybody just about flipped one over Facebook changing their Terms of Service and conveniently leaving out that passage about how you own your own content? Good. Consumer advocacy blog The Consumerist originally broke the story and has been tracking it ever since. They even reminded everybody to vote in […]

Asher Roth and Eminem: Relevant?

It seems like, every few years or so, a new, ego-maniacal, out-of-touch white rapper comes along and reminds us all how the public education system has failed us. In 1990, we had Vanilla Ice. Then came Eminem, and now we have to deal with this Asher Roth clown. I’ve been trying to figure out why […]

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