Is PSU Still a Top Party School?

Not according to Playboy.

Playboy ranked colleges and universities based on the five categories of sex (hook-up culture), campus (activities and organizations), sports (duh), brains (academics), and bikini (number of half-nude women lounging about).

sleazeThe top-ten list reads as follows:

  1. University of Miami
  2. University of Texas – Austin
  3. San Diego State University
  4. University of Florida
  5. University of Arizona
  6. University of Wisconsin – Madison
  7. University of Georgia
  8. Louisiana State University
  9. University of Iowa
  10. West Virginia University

Penn State earned #13, a dramatic step down from our Princeton Review ranking of third place.

If you love Penn State sports fandom, rape (I mean, intoxicated sex), and pickling yourself in booze, then you’d best crank up your game, PSU.  Thirteenth place?  Amateur.

But imagine… Penn State not known exclusively for drunken debauchery?  A novel idea.

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