Day: April 21, 2009

The Last Nittany Booking Show Ever

That’s right!  Nittany Booking’s swan song event has just been announced.  The booking company has brought us some truly memorable shows this year and this one promises to be just as exciting.  Here’s the details: Nittany Booking’s Pre-Finals Bash Friday, May 1st at Sozo Featuring: Punchline Gene the Werewolf An All Ages Event Doors Open […]

Cyclones Expected Next Winter in Happy Valley

All eyes in the college wrestling world turned to Happy Valley this week with the surprising hiring of Cael Sanderson to replace former coach Troy Sunderland, who resigned on April 4th.  The news came as a welcome surprise to Penn State, who has not won a team wrestling title since 1953. Over 500 enthusiastic fans […]

Malaria, Fungi, and a Penn State Professor

It’s not every day that a Penn State professor makes his or her way into The Economist. Dr. Andrew Read, a professor of Biology and Entomology, believes he and his colleagues have found a way to combat the spread of malaria. Dr. Read observed that only elderly, female mosquitoes transmit the disease.  Furthermore, female mosquitoes […]

Overheard on Twitter: Biblical References!

If the HUB is the tower of Babel, what is Beaver Canyon at around 1:30 am on a Saturday/Sunday morning?

Hey! College Students Have Problems Too!

The Center for the Study of Collegiate Mental Health released the beta version of a study it prepared on the general state of, well, collegiate mental health. The study was based on data collected in fall 2008 from 66 mental health institutions at colleges across the country (mostly second-tier public universities). Here are some of […]

Cell Phone Tour Guides

On June 5, Penn State will enter the 21st century by the launch of its new free cell phone tour system. Anyone (read: prospective students and their parents) will be able to learn about notable landmarks while touring campus by calling a system called “iHear Penn State” on their cell phone. (Hopefully the Apple lawyers […]

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