You’re Not Tripping; We’ve Got Ducks

ducksYou were walking back from class one day, and what did you see?  Ducks by Old Main, ducks by Willard, ducks by the Alumni Center, ducks everywhere.

These mallard ducks returned to the area a few weeks ago, most likely from Mexico, their usual winter home.  Here on campus, they seemingly prefer the garden and pond area near the Alumni Center.

Sometimes a duck will pull a classic squirrel move and scurry in front of pedestrians.  If this happens, let the duck pass.  These delicate creatures are too focused on finding a mate to bother with their own safety.

The ducks with the bright green heads are the males, and the tannish brown ones are females.  Did you know that about 15% of male mallards are homosexual?

Ducks: progressive and beautiful. Treat them well.

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