Former GSA President Busted for Alleged Forgery

balajiWe hate to have to report on student crime here at Penn State. Especially when it is borne out of desperation. Earlier today we posted about the unfortunate case of the Smeal Investment Club President getting busted, which comes a week after we found out that Raghavan Balaji, the former president of the Graduate Student Association was busted for allegedly forging his advisor’s signature on a visa extension form. Apparently desperate to stay in America rather than travel back to India, the University alleges he forged the signature to renew his visa, got caught by Penn State’s International Student Services, and has not only been suspended as a student for a year, but now faces felony forgery charges.

Balaji claims there was no falsification and the whole thing is a big misunderstanding. I, for one, hope that’s the case. It sucks to see all of these prominent students on campus just crumble when they’re so close to graduating and going on to bigger and better things.

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