“Green” Pizza Box

So you go to Canyon one night with your friends and get a pizza to go. One problem now. No plates. What’s a drunk frat boy to do? Well, if pizzaria owners invest in this new GreenBox, by Eco Incorporated, it’ll be “problem solved”. The box holds the pizza, keeping it hot, but the top can be removed by way of perforations and be separated into four serving plates. That’s not all.

If you guys realize you weren’t as hungry as you first thought, the bottom part of the pizza box, after the removal of two cardboard pieces, transforms into a storage box you can fit in your fridge for later. Oh, and did I mention it’s made out of 100% recycled cardboard? This is truly the pizza box of the future. Take a look:

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Eli Glazier

Eli is a junior majoring in International Politics. He enjoys paninis and books.


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