After Blue-White, Players Caught With Green

psupot1Update 7:00 pm
The Penn State directory information on which everyone based their original stories was found to be outdated. The four people in question are football players, but fortunately Darryl Clark was not involved. The four students are, according to The Morning Call,

Stephfon Green
Johnnie Troutman
Devon Still
Eric Latimore

The rest of the story stands as originally reported. We will post more information when we get it.

I woke up in a panic over what I would read while drinking my morning coffee. My post-Collegian existence looked bleak (and don’t even try to say that the Collegian Magazine counts– it doesn’t). Luckily, the Centre Daily Times has stepped into the abyss.

The CDT reported today that on the night of the Blue-White game, police responding to a noise disturbance saw and smelled marijuana in the apartment of four Penn State football players.

According to an application for a search warrant, police wrote that around 11:10 April 25, university police responded to apartment 4103 in the Nittany Apartments complex on campus to assist residence life with dispersing a loud party.

As soon as they entered the apartment, police say they could see marijuana “in plain view” in the kitchen and smell it throughout the apartment.

When police arrived, they could hear the fire alarm sounding from the southeast section of the complex, and later confirmed with 911 dispatch that the fire alarm inside apartment 4103 was activated, the application for a search warrant states.

According to Nittany White Out the players who live in the apartment– 4103 Nittany Apartments are:

Darryl Clark
Devon Still
Stephfon Green
Dan Lawlor

However, a quick search of Penn State’s stalker search yields only addresses for Darryl Clark and Devon Still. Both live in 4103 Nittany.

The police have not commented except to say that the investigation is ongoing.

What’s a little pot among friends though? Hopefully this is the last we hear about it.

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