Medical Marijuana Legislation in PA

psupotMedical marijuana could be coming to Pennsylvania.

According to the Wilkes-Barre Times-Leader,

State Rep. Mark Cohen, D-Philadelphia, introduced a bill Wednesday that would allow medical use of marijuana and repeal state prohibitions on using the hallucinogen.

The bill says that the drug could be dispensed at “compassion centers.” (editor’s note: that sounds better than a sketchy parking lot to me!)

The success of the bill is unclear at this time, though there are some signs that public opinion about marijuana may be changing.

In addition to the 13 states that currently allow medical marijuana, polls have support for the practice on the rise. For example, 63% of those in Michigan are in favor of such legislation. An increase in public support might also be the result of President Obama’s policy to stop raiding medical marijuana dispensaries.

If the legislation passes, all it would take is a quick trip to the doctor and you could puff away legally all night. But how do you think the University would treat medical marijuana?

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