PSU Grad Wins Big On Wheel Of Fortune

tomwheeloffortuneRemember Tom – The Wheel of Fortune Contestant who Ryan interviewed a few weeks ago? He apparently has a heck of a poker face.

That’s because Tom, who was contractually obligated not to disclose the results of the February taping of the popular game show prior to its airing (May 25th), didn’t even give us a clue as to how well he did.

Sabbatelli, a newly-minted Penn State graduate from Yardley, won $54,900 in cash and prizes on a show featuring college students that was taped in February, trumping contestants from Columbia University and Brigham Young University.

It may be weird that my first thought was SUCK IT, BYU AND COLUMBIA! Unnecessary homerism or no, its great to see a college graduate find financial prosperity in the current economic climate.

In addition to the cash winnings, Tom has a trip for two to New Orleans (he’s got to hold out to use it for Mardi Gras, don’t you think?) and the fringe benefits of being a game show winner, which I only assume entails book signings, product endorsements, and a never-ending file of groupies.

Oh wait, that’s just Ken Jennings. However, Tom should be perfectly content with his $54,900 in winnings and a great story to tell his kids.

[Source: Centre Daily Times]

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