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facebookIf you can make your way through the various “Miley Cyrus getting back with NICK JONAS!” and “Chris Brown on Rihanna nude pics: It wasn’t me!” celebrity gossip ads (both legitimate ads that I have seen), you can find a quiz on Facebook entitled “Are You A True Penn Stater“. This quiz asks fifteen questions to test your Penn State knowledge, and then gives you a result based on how well (or poorly) you did.

Naturally, when I first took the quiz, I got the result “You Bleed Blue and White”, which is the highest ranking possible from what I know (unfortunately, the quiz doesn’t give results on individual questions). There are some fairly basic questions on the quiz, such as “What is the name of the Football Stadium?” or “What street separates Campus from Downtown?”, and then there are some trickier ones, especially if you’re not familiar with Penn State’s history or the Paterno family tree. At points, the quiz begins to sound like an old man trying to be “hip” and “with it”, specifically when it talks about “The Thon”.

I retook the Facebook quiz intentionally answering the questions incorrectly. The result? Nittany Lion. “You know enough to fit in with other Penn Stater’s”. Try to get a lower score, if you dare.

There are plenty of other Penn State questions that could have been asked, such as “How many Furry Conventions does Graham Spanier attend per year?” or “Which student-run alternative media source is totally better than the Daily Collegian?”. Let us know what YOU would have asked.

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Evan Kalikow co-founded Onward State in November 2008 with Davis Shaver and Eli Glazier. Having previously served as a Writer, Editor, Standards Editor, and Community Manager, Evan is now a proud alumnus of both Onward State and Penn State. He was also named "Person of the Year" by Time Magazine in 2006.


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