ITS Updates – Angel, PASS Space, and Streaming Galore!

Angel HeaderInformation Technology Services has released a slew of tech-related updates to Penn State systems. Here are the highlights:

  1. Angel has been updated from version 7.1 to 7.3. Many things have been improved and added including “course/group mail, discussion forums, chat, the course/group roster, reports, [and] the HTML editor theme selector.” See this page for a complete list of updates and how to access these new features.
  2. Cole Camplese, who I interviewed towards the end of last semester for the first Onward State Podcast, notes that the PASS Disk Space maximum limit has been upped to 10 GB. This means you can manage your PSU blog, webspace and tons of additional files without having to worry too much about running out of space. This announcement means ITS and Penn State are definitely committed to making student’s and faculty’s online presence and capabilities grow as much as possible. Head to to change your available space. There’s probably a higher cost associated with offering this much storage for every faculty member and student. You have to keep in mind that the majority of Penn Staters don’t even use their PASS Space, much less 10GB worth. You can find the original article here.
  3. Also from Cole Camplese’s blog, Penn State Streaming has reportedly been dramatically improved. In trying to approach a more YouTube-like experience, the streaming services have set up an embed code for easy video embedding and viewing on Penn State systems. See an example of the old streaming service and the source article here.


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