HUB Evacuated Due to Brawl

Anything can happen at a student dance in the HUB. Anything.

Even a series of brawls. That’s just what happened Friday night. A series of fights broke out that led to the police being called. No one was arrested because most students left the HUB before the authorities arrived.

In an unrelated incident, someone was cited for damaging two trash cans to the tune of $2,400. Or… $1,200 per can. That’s your tuition at work folks. They must be gold plated or something.

The CDT comments were quite funny on the topic.

cmorganmsu said:

So, you can buy a house in State College or…208 of Penn State’s garbage cans. You know, Penn State could just buy some crappy used cars for $600 each, park them on campus with the windows down, and have people just throw their trash in the cars. It’s cheaper.

Penn State could start its own program: Trash for Clunkers! “We’ll buy your beat-up piece of crap and use it as a garbage can.”

More information on the brawl is sure to be forthcoming. OS will be here with the updates.

UPDATED Aug. 30th at 3:10 PM

The fight began at about 11:45 p.m. inside Heritage Hall during a back-to-school dance held by the National Panhellenic Council (NPHC), Taha said. About 500 people, including members of NPHC fraternities and sororities, attended the event.

After the dancers left,

Outside the HUB, rain poured and White said the screaming continued as some students yelled they wanted their money back. White said students paid $5 to attend the dance.


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