SHC Recycles Scholarships

schreyerIn the Schreyer Honors College, most students receive $3,500 annually in merit scholarships.  However, the failing economy has caused the SHC to rethink the circulation of these scholarships, as reported in a Centre Daily Times article.

Now, the SHC asks parents if they’d consider donating their children’s scholarships back to the college.  Schreyer then gives these “recycled” scholarships to students with unmet financial needs.

Many colleges use merit scholarships to lure high-achieving students, which improve the school’s ranking and reputation.  Under Schreyer’s new policy, students still receive their scholarships, but their parents can donate them back to the organization if they so choose.  Everything is optional.

If wealthy folks want to share the fruits of their hard work and/or good fortune, let them go to town!  The Schreyer Honors College will act as a Robin Hood who doesn’t need to steal from the rich to give to the poor.  The rich are giving their money away!

Last year, the SHC raised $228,000 from 75 generous, non-needy families.  They then recirculated $120,000 of this money to 34 students to “help them stay in school.”  But wait… who receives these booster scholarships?  How can any organization fairly redistribute wealth?  Let the SHC be a metaphor for the American government.

Aside from the super-wealthy elite, everyone needs more financial aid.  This new policy is a great way to utilize the flowing funds of the rich and to mitigate the cost of a college education for the not-so-rich.  As long as the folks working in the “recycling plant” give the extra aid packages to the correct students, this policy is a progressive victory.


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