Day: September 8, 2009

The Big SC, Yeah Y’All Know Me

We’ve all got plenty of Lion Pride for our university, but what about the town we live in? Good old 16801 got some well-deserved credit this week when the American Institute for Economic Research named State College, PA the 2nd best college town in America (other lists rated larger cities surrounding colleges). The rankings were […]

Pryor: “Everyone Murders People”

Lost amongst the chatter over an upset scare for Ohio State (who just narrowly beat Navy 31-27) was quarterback Terrelle Pryor’s support for Eagles quarterback and convicted dog fighter Michael Vick.  Pryor wore eyeblack adorned with the quarterback’s name. Then he went and said this, as reported in a Deadspin article: “Not everybody’s the perfect […]

Swine Oh Nine Update: Faculty Focused Edition

During the first week of classes, every syllabus had a note about what to do if you got swine flu: STAY HOME! Well, with Swine Flu isolation starting to occur, this begs the question, “What about the teachers?!?!” While you can have a class without some students, it would be pretty difficult to have a […]

Penn Stater Mag Hits the Soccer Field

Penn State has a pretty good women’s soccer team. When I say pretty good, I mean really, really awesome. On that team is one of the best women’s goalies in the country: Alyssa Naeher. She’s so good, in fact, that she was the starting goalie for the US Women’s U20 National Team that won the […]

SHC Recycles Scholarships

In the Schreyer Honors College, most students receive $3,500 annually in merit scholarships.  However, the failing economy has caused the SHC to rethink the circulation of these scholarships, as reported in a Centre Daily Times article. Now, the SHC asks parents if they’d consider donating their children’s scholarships back to the college.  Schreyer then gives […]

Some Kid’s Mom and a Case of Mistaken Identity

What’s this? A new Internet meme that originated at Penn State! This must be my lucky day. This afternoon, Jeff Rosenberg at College Humor posted a funny Facebook conversation his brother sent him about his friend’s conversation with a confused mom. It gets better. Much better.

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