Day: September 9, 2009

Swine Oh Nine Update: PSU Pandemic Plans

So recently, we talked about how faculty can stay on syllabus while having swine flu. Today, we’ll discuss the University’s assumptions and plans about the dreaded Flu. First off, let’s start with a Penn State Pandemic Mission Statement, of sorts. At Penn State, the planning for pandemic influenza occurs within the context of University¬≠wide emergency […]

“Passed Out Drunk… From Alcohol”

Bronne Bruzgo is my new favorite reality TV star. Bruzgo is, of course, the Penn State student on Real World: Cancun. Why? First, consider this quote by his friend Kyle Preston from a Collegian article published in late August. “Everybody can tell who’s seen the show, he’s like most Penn State students. He drinks a […]

Center for Performing Arts Patio Party

What: The Center for Performing Arts is hosting the second annual ‘Come Curious’ part this evening on the patio of the Eisenhower Auditorioum. Students will be able to buy tickets for 20% off their already discounted price. There will also be free food, entertainment, and prizes. (Listed food sponsors include Belly Busters Burritos, Clem’s, Insomnia […]