Joe Dado Memorial Concert Tomorrow at Sammy

Update 10:36 am: The concert has been canceled. The tip we received said that the cancellation came after Roy Baker was involved with the situation. Additionally, the Collegian reported this morning that the President of the Panhellanic Council was recommending sorority women not attend the event due to the conflict with Dado’s official viewing today in Latrobe.


Picture taken from Joe Dado Memorial Facebook group.
Picture taken from Joe Dado Memorial Facebook group.

Tomorrow from 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm, Sammy (Sigma Alpha Mu) will be hosting a Joe Dado Memorial Concert to benefit the Joe Dado Memorial Scholarship. The concert will be held at the the fraternity’s 329 E. Prospect Ave house.

Our goal is to raise $25,000 for the fund so please invite all your friends and come out to show your support.

Country Club Drive, The Max Young Experience, and Nico Blues will all be performing.

There will be plenty of opportunities to donate including food, drinks, and booths set up by different fraternities, a dunk tank, and many more.

The organizers note on the Facebook page that “If any local businesses, FRATERNITIES OR SORORITIES are interested in sponsorship information, setting up a table, or bringing food to the event, please contact Ben Birnbaum @ 609-405-2794”

Those of you surprised at the timing of this event are not alone. Some think the concert is just happening too soon after the tragic events of the past week. Moreover, we heard this evening that the family has not yet been contacted about the event.

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