Countdown to Zombie Attack

humans vs zombiesWarning: you may inadvertently enter a Nerf-gun battlefield these next few weeks.

Humans vs. Zombies, the Urban Gaming Club’s premiere gaming experience, kicks off this Monday morning at 8 am.

At the game’s onset, the lone zombie begins tagging humans to afflict them with zombiism. Humans retaliate by throwing marshmallows and socks. After a certain point, humans arm themselves with Nerf guns and the battle royale commences.

The game runs 24/7 anywhere except designated safe zones, such as bathrooms and dormitories. In the past, skirmishes have occurred in exotic locales such as Walmart and Maryland. Zombies perish if they do not consume human flesh at least every two days. Orange headbands signify zombies, so, when you see orange headbands, RUN!

On top of daily action, three to four special missions with specific objectives occur per week. How does the madness conclude?  The zombies can corrupt all humans, the humans can starve off the zombies, or the allotted time can expire and a stalemate will occur.

Orientation happens Sunday night, and game begins Monday. Check out the Facebook event and register here. Prepare yourselves.


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