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Day: October 8, 2009

Hooray for Wi-FI!! or Not?

I’d personally like to welcome Penn State to the 21st century. In case you were unaware, Penn State has finally decided to install Wireless Internet in some of the dorms. I think this is worthy of a round of applause! However, as Penn State takes one step forward in to the 21st century, it also […]

Wait, Didn’t We Just Have An Election?

Yes I know, it does seem like the last election was just yesterday (a year ago), and everyone’s once-every-couple-years quota of walking allllllll the way to the HUB to vote has been exhausted, but guess what? There’s another election coming up! Now that I’ve used up MY quota of sarcastic introductions for the day, let’s […]

Countdown to Zombie Attack

Warning: you may inadvertently enter a Nerf-gun battlefield these next few weeks. Humans vs. Zombies, the Urban Gaming Club’s premiere gaming experience, kicks off this Monday morning at 8 am. At the game’s onset, the lone zombie begins tagging humans to afflict them with zombiism. Humans retaliate by throwing marshmallows and socks. After a certain […]

Ding Dong the Old Main Bell is Gone!

After a 1 day postponement (killer winds), workers removed the bell from Old Main’s bell tower. The bell has been defunct since the last day of classes in 1929 and has been collecting dust since. The bell has seldom been seen on the few and far between bell tower tours. The Class of 2009 elected […]

Coming Out Day Rally Held on Steps of Old Main

The Penn State LGBTQA Student Alliance hosted its own National Coming Out Day celebration yesterday on the steps of Old Main. The event emphasized that all people should feel comfortable in the Penn State community regardless of their sexual identity. Vice President of Student Affairs Damon Sims attended the event. The Collegian, which had a […]

The Natty Nittany

Andrew. Photographed by Melanie on the Corner of College Ave. and Allen St. We’re now a good 2 weeks into Fall, which mean that it’s time to bust out scarfs, herringbone vests and exercise good use of layering. This is exactly what Andrew does here. I’m a big fan of tan cotton jackets and jeans, […]

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