SRA Club’s Project Airborne

The Security & Risk Analysis Club has just posted a pretty cool teaser video for a project they are working on:

The SRA Club will be sending a weather balloon to altitudes of 100,000 feet in order to capture aerial imagery of Penn State and the curvature of the Earth. This endeavor will culminate with a launch party on October 31, 2009 to see the package off into the wild blue yonder.

SRA_Club_LogoThe project is based off of a similar project carried out by MIT students this past summer. Their balloon stayed aloft for over 4 hours.

The project, dubbed Project Airborne, is being run by SRA Club members from across the University:

A critical part of Project Airborne is bringing students from different disciplines together to accomplish a common goal. Luckily, the Security & Risk Analysis Club attracts members from majors all across the University, giving Project Airborne a diverse background. The team is comprised of 13 students from the following majors:

  1. Security & Risk Analysis
  2. Information Sciences & Technology
  3. Meteorology
  4. Chemical Engineering
  5. Aerospace Engineering
  6. Photojournalism

You can be sure that Onward State will be following Project Airborne through launch day, so stay tuned.

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