Minnesota’s Mascot? Apparently He’s Kind of a Douche.

Every sports fan loves the standard staples of mascot tomfoolery –  the exaggerated gestures, dance moves, and mocking players for praying. Er, wait a second…

That would be The University of Minnesota’s Golden Gopher, kneeling to imitate DE Jerome Hayes as he prays. One could make the argument that the mascot had a reverent moment and is simply praying along with him, but then you realize it’s A GIGANTIC PLUSH GOPHER. Normally I’d file this under bad judgment, but the Gopher is down there a while. Plenty of time for the thought of “you know, this might not be my best on-the-fly goof” to occur to him. And you have to wonder what words were exchanged right around the 0:47 mark. I’m guessing it’s not an invitation to Bible study.

[Source: Deadspin]

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