Day: October 20, 2009

Seniors Voting for Best of Three Class Gift Proposals

Seniors, you’ve just dropped a small fortune on your Penn State education, and now what does the university want you do to? Give more money in the form of a senior class gift! The bright side: at least you get to choose what the gift is. The Senior Class Gift Committee unveiled the final three […]

Minnesota’s Mascot? Apparently He’s Kind of a Douche.

Every sports fan loves the standard staples of mascot tomfoolery –  the exaggerated gestures, dance moves, and mocking players for praying. Er, wait a second… That would be The University of Minnesota’s Golden Gopher, kneeling to imitate DE Jerome Hayes as he prays. One could make the argument that the mascot had a reverent moment […]

Happy Thursday Ride (and Free Chipotle Burritos After!)

What: Happy Thursday Rides are a weekly occurrence in which bicyclists of all types ride around “energizing the town with joy and merriment.” There is even a theme for each ride… this week’s is FIESTA. This Thursday, there’s an added bonus… after Chipotle noticed the Happy Thursday Gorilla, the restaurant decided to support the homegrown […]

Prepare for Power Shift Pennsylvania

Remember Power Shift 2009? Well it’s back, and this time it’s all about Pennsylvania and happening here at Penn State. This weekend, October 23-25, students from every corner of Pennsylvania will convene at PSU to combat climate change and fight for environmental justice. Participants will attend workshops, presentations, planning sessions, trainings, and “an action.” Foaming […]

Lucas Carpenter Gathers New Fans at SOZO

If you have never seen a one-man band perform live, you won’t understand my love for Lucas Carpenter. Not only is he the most unique act to bless State College, but he is by far the most talented and sweetest man I know. Lucas Carpenter has been to State College a handful of times since […]