Law Building Receives Accolades

lewis katz buildingIn the northerly regions of our campus, the Lewis Katz Building shines like a glass beacon of democracy. And apparently the inside is nice too.

Buildings Magazine named the Katz Building a finalist in the Interior Design category for the Project Innovations Awards. According to judges, the building exhibits “classrooms of the future.”

The Dickinson School of Law is the only dual-campus law school approved by the American Bar Association. How did Dickinson accomplish such a feat? Technology!

Teaching up to 75 students without an instructor present sounds impossible. But classrooms feature LCD flat panels, projectors, screens, PTZ cameras, touchscreen control panels, and embedded microphones.

The architects packaged all that jazz into aesthetically pleasing and comfortable rooms, so let’s give them a round of applause. Also, the Katz building meets Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) requirements and showcases an voluminous law library and exquisite study rooms.

Want to check it out? Pose as a law student and wander around the building. Already a law student? Congratulations.

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