Greek Loop Canceled

greek loopRemember the proposed Greek Loop? The savior of drunken party wanderers everywhere? Canned!

This “Highlands Loop” would have offered ten additional CATA stops on weekends between 12:30 and 3:30 at night. A campaign goal of UPUA president Gavin Keirans, the bus route would primarily cater to students attending frat parties.

After discussions with the borough council, UPUA recently announced that the plan has fizzled, reports the Collegian. While the council favored a safer student body, they rejected the idea of CATA buses circulating through residential neighborhoods, as well as drunken students congregating at off-campus bus stops.

This idea did show some merit. Upon the implementation of the Greek Loop, alcohol-related injuries and crimes may have lessened. Also, students could’ve partied more and walked less! Perhaps a tick against the Greek Loop.

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