Day: November 4, 2009

Penn State Slips in Sexual Health Rankings

Now, I wouldn’t exactly call the Trojan Sexual Health Report Card a scientific study of the sexual health of our nation’s universities and colleges. But, I am not one to let a little fact like that get in the way of my sense of (obsession with?) competition. That’s why I was aghast when I noticed […]

You Can Be a Lion Ambassador Too!

Good news…. the Lion Ambassadors are now holding a recruitment session in efforts to attract new members and are accepting applications from now until December 11th! If you did not already know, the Lion Ambassadors serve as our Student Alumni Corps, founded in the early 1980’s.  Their main goals are to communicate Penn State’s history […]

Help Feed Happy Valley

If you live off campus, then you know that Wal-Mart recently gave out a buttload of $5 gift cards to residents of State College. But what you may not know is that UPUA would like to put these gift cards to good use this holiday season. Matt Smith, Chief of Staff in UPUA, has devised […]

Alternate White Out Shirts Recalled

All of PSMA’s alternate white out shirts have been recalled due to licensing issues. What those issues are? I’m not quite sure yet. They didn’t use the actual Nittany Lion or a Penn State logo, so I’m waiting back to see what’s up. UPDATE:’s Buckeye Blog had this to say, quoting Dan Sturman, president […]

UPUA Offers Freshmen Internship Opportunity in Student Politics

If you’re a freshman, and you’re interested in politics, and you’re not the son or daughter of a United States senator (otherwise I think you’d probably have a leg up already), and you’re looking for a place to start learning the ways of the political world, and you’re sure your closet skeletons are securely locked […]

Greek Loop Canceled

Remember the proposed Greek Loop? The savior of drunken party wanderers everywhere? Canned! This “Highlands Loop” would have offered ten additional CATA stops on weekends between 12:30 and 3:30 at night. A campaign goal of UPUA president Gavin Keirans, the bus route would primarily cater to students attending frat parties. After discussions with the borough […]

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