2009 Fall Talent Fusion Recap

No one ate a flaming squirrel at last night’s Talent Fusion, but I don’t think Bronne Bruzgo, one of the judges, was too upset about it. Judging from his “OOOHS!” and shouts of delight, he had a great time.

The talent show consisted of the usual singers, my personal favorites being Mairys Joaquin who sang “Don’t Stop Believin’,” and Zac Sobel who sang “Kissing Rock.” N.O.T.A, the oldest co-ed a capella group on campus, also proved notable with their renditions of “Heaven,” “Unfaithful,” and “Summer of ’69.”

Two guys, Michael Lewis and Travis Czap, from Second Floor Standup performed. I couldn’t tell you who was who, as they both pulled out some obscene sexual jokes/fraternity jokes/Twilight jokes.

We had a dance by Orchesis. One which I have now successfully seen three times. Sometimes I wonder if they have any other routines…

Jeremy Fretz rocked on the guitar. I can’t tell you how amazing he is; you need to see him in person. He uses his guitar as an extra drum beat, rolling his fingers and knocking on the wood to create extra uniqueness to his act.

Hands down, my favorite performance was Nate and Joe with their Out of Hand Entertainment. The judges agreed with me, as these guys earned first place. The doves, the cards, the hats, the juggling, the undeniably adorable personalities…everything, really, captured the audience. Bronne, I know, was blown away. I had the blessing of sitting next to him during the show, and for lack of better words – he was freaking out. I loved every second of it. And I’m a sucker for magic tricks. How do they do it?

Results of the show:
First place: Nate and Joe – Out of Hand Entertainment
Second place: Jeremy Fretz – “Brewka”
Third pace: Zac Sobel – “Kissing Rock”

Photos: Melanie Versaw, Staff Photographer | [email protected]

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