The 21 Absolute Worst Things in State College

A recent buzzfeed article led us to ask: What are the absolute worst things in State College? This is what we came up with:

21. A full computer lab

20. Places that don’t take LionCash

19. The Nittany Mall

18. Angel

17. Scheduling

16. Class not being cancelled after a blizzard hits

15. The line at Cafe when it’s nice outside

14. The line at Canyon

13. Rob Bolden on 3rd and 5

12. CATA Bus driving right past you and/or CATA Bus “Out of Service”

11. Getting hit by a bike

10. Using iClickers for attendance in large lecture halls

9. The Meridian

8. High bar tab

7. No more buff chick pizza at the Big O

6. Broken elevators

5. Spilled drink at a party

4. The walk of shame

3. Gate A right before game time

2. Riots

1. 8 AMs

How did we do? What would you have added to this list? Post your opinion in the comments.

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Melanie Versaw

Melanie is a senior majoring in both Marketing and Advertising. She enjoys blowing bubbles, beating boys in Mario Kart, and going to concerts. Oh, and she takes photographs, as well.


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