SPA Noontime Show Draws Crowd

When you’re walking through the HUB on a Friday during lunch time, and you hear music playing…do you ever go and check it out?

The Makeup Call traveled from Uniontown to play an SPA noontime show yesterday. Shaun Novak and Thomas Andrus Hopton, the members of The Makeup Call, are a dynamic duo in the acoustic world. Originally, they played in a band called Colour Like Clover, until the band broke up. An acoustic act came out of this, however, and I couldn’t be happier. They cover all sorts of artists, including Panic! At the Disco and Akon. Personally, I think they perform better than the actual bands (this especially holds true when they play Fall Out Boy songs). Shaun’s got a phenomenal voice; I was blown away the first time I heard him sing.

This noontime show was one of my favorite of the semester, rivaling Steve Moakler. The Makeup Call has a ton of potential, and I’m hoping they make it big.

Photos: Melanie Versaw, Staff Photographer | [email protected]

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Melanie is a senior majoring in both Marketing and Advertising. She enjoys blowing bubbles, beating boys in Mario Kart, and going to concerts. Oh, and she takes photographs, as well.


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