Obama Wants Kids To Go To School

obamaLast February, Pres. Obama made announcements in a joint session of Congress that he had plans to boost the level of students that attend post-secondary educational institutions in a plan he hopes will see an increase to 60% of US college attainment levels by the year 2020.

Now leaders of colleges and universities all over the country are calling on him to do more to reach this goal. His plan, which would greatly involve increasing enrollment in community colleges, would need to have clear cut agreements that would allow students that obtain associate degrees to transfer into public universities in order to obtain bachelor degrees. It would also require a re-organization of financial aid system.

This is actually not that new to other countries who have already made reforms within their higher educational institutes. Right now, according to Education Policy Institute, the US in terms of higher education, globally, ranks 13th in affordability and 4th in accessibility.

One argument within the educational community states that this is not just a matter of education, but an issue for the economy as well and the US. More particularly, the Obama Administration would need to step up plans to increase college enrollment in order to increase the quantity and quality of the work force within the country.

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