Community Desires Greek Refinement

Fraternity Men of 2010

Community officials are tired of Natty cans, thumping music, and fun. Apparently, the time has arrived to demote PSU from that #1 party spot and refine those Greek barbarians.

Earlier this week, we reported on the relatively-reasonable new Greek social policy. The extremity of the measures did surprise us, and a few fratty folks were probably outraged.

But the Borough Council strives to extend this fascist streak of fun-quashing.

According to the Collegian, mayor-elect Elizabeth Goreham suggested requiring all local house parties to register with the borough. A bit much?

Goreham continues: “I would like to see a requirement that they have enough bathroom facilities…. Public urination is a problem in our town.” Whaaa??

Borough Council member Jim Rosenberger suggested that fraternities outlaw Thursday parties. He believes that the frats should “model good entertainment without alcohol.” LOL.

LOLing aside, I’m not into Thursday parties or the frat scene, and these party-regulating ideas do show merit. But for all you party animals out there, you did choose Penn State, not Brigham Young University.


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