Let’s Have a Rave in Pattee Library!

As finals week rapidly approaches, wouldn’t it be great to be able to blow off some steam before crunch time? What better way than to organize a rave in the library? That’s exactly what students at James Madison University in Harrisonburg, Virginia, did on Sunday night.

Organized through Facebook, thousands of students began arriving at the East Campus Library at 9:35PM, and at exactly 10:00PM, a DJ came over a loudspeaker system and let the mayhem begin. Students flooded the lobby, started chanting JMU cheers and began dancing to techno music played over the sound system. People were crowd surfing and a few intrepid partiers decided it would be a good idea to climb up a pillar and over the balcony.

What’s interesting is that the JMU police and fire departments pretty much just let it happen. They did stop people from coming into the building by locking the doors, but made no attempt to stop the party. The Harrisonburg Fire Department showed up over concerns of fire safety, but, like the police, didn’t make any attempt to stop the party.

It’s pretty cool that the University just allowed it to happen. Finals are stressful enough. Letting the students have a little fun is something that makes JMU pretty cool. I really can’t believe that Penn State would be as accommodating. Who’s up for trying though?

Follow the jump for a video of the rave.

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