White Loop for Night Owls in the Works

busesThe UPUA has announced tentative plans to extend White Loop service after-hours to make stops after its original 2:30 a.m. cutting off point on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays.

They hope that the new plan, if implemented, will provide valuable service to those in need of safe transport on-campus and throughout town late at night. The money would come partly from the initial Highlands route plan, as well as from other sources that the UPUA is currently looking into.

Longer operating hours for the White Loop has tons of benefits:

  • Drunk kids walking home after parties won’t encounter as many police officers, decreasing public drunkenness charges.
  • Drunk kids who would usually drive home now have another option.
  • Drunk kids wouldn’t make themselves such vulnerable targets in cases of burglary, etc..
  • There won’t be as many drunk kids walking around.
  • Late-Night study kids could get to/from the library safely, without encountering drunk kids not on the buses.
  • Walks-of-shame could become rides-of-shame…

Point is, this plan would help those that need to get somewhere after hours on weekends. And although it is still in the works, with everything that’s happened this year, it would make a strong and effective addition to campus safety.


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