New Facebook Privacy – No Mom, It’s Soda

drunkFacebook unveiled some new privacy settings today, ones that make it both easier keep pictures private, but are more public by default.

The best feature by far is one that allows users to choose the privacy settings of everything they post. Now, instead of having to hide all your pictures from your mom, you can just block those that might appear incriminating.

Also, the concept of “networks” is no longer being used to set privacy levels. Considering that allowing your profile to be viewed by “Penn State” still lets tens of thousands of strangers to view your personal information, this is a move in the right direction to keeping things private.

However, don’t follow Facebook’s recommended settings in their new privacy wizard. It will, by default, make most of your information private.

This change is far less noticeable than Facebook’s periodic layout overhauls. Is anyone planning to start a “Get the Old Facebook Privacy Settings Back” group?


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