Day: January 8, 2010

Overheard on Twitter: PSUTXT for Bookstore Closing?

Everybody subscribed to PSUTXT  got this text message this morning. Do you think that this is the kind of thing that PSUTXT should be used for?

Your Time to Shine

Are you the kind of person that sits around all day thinking of names for things (scientist, rapper, politician)? Well, the Eberly College of Science has just the opportunity for you! The Eberly College is adding a new student center to the Ritenour building:

The east wing of Ritenour Building will soon be home to science undergraduate co-op, internship, and externship information, as well as advising and career advice...vitally important career resources, brought together in one place. This new student center, designed specially for science students, will provide comfortable furnishings and space to study, learn, and collaborate.

It's like the HUB... only for science kids. Anyways, they need help coming up with a name for the student center. What would you receive for your efforts? The winner of the contest receives an iPod touch, a $250 gift certificate to the Penn State bookstore, and the chance to officially name the student center. Four runners-up will also receive a $50 gift certificate. You can enter as many times as you like until January 25.