Freebie Alert: CATA iPhone App

The Centre Area Transit Authority recently released their CATA iPhone App for free. They previously had an app that wasbasically just a bunch of black and white scans of their bus schedules, then they had the balls to charge me $1.99 for it. (Turns out it was a student who made this app for their ENG411 class and then had the balls to charge me $1.99 for it, youtube )

But their new app has hit a home run with their new GUI and GPS data. I used the updated website’s realtime bus locater often (amazing!), but it was a real pain in the ass to use it on my phone. More times that not I was stuck out in the cold navigating their website to find that I just missed the bus. Now I’ll be able to check my bus schedules right before I leave class with only two touches of the glass to find out that I just missed the bus, and I might as well hop on for a few moments to see whats happening.

You can get this app in the iTunes App Store now [download].

Onward State iPhone App Usefulness Rating: A+

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