CampusLIVE Thinks They Know Penn State

Do you want a one stop page for all your Penn State needs, with links to custom news feeds, movie listings and a handy link to a major search engine? I suggest you try iGoogle or Yahoo. Do you want a cheap attempt at creating a new advertising platform by offering an unneeded service? CampusLIVE may be the site for you.

CampusLIVE, a company that creates college specific web portals has recently created a new page for Penn State. On it you’ll find absolutely nothing interesting. It’s basically an AP feed, Google search bar and links to all the sites already found on Penn State’s own portal.

If you couldn’t tell already, I’m kind of insulted at the attempt. Though supposedly made by Penn State’s campus rep, it doesn’t even have links to Penn State specific sites such as LionMenus for its menu listings, instead offering a short list phone numbers for a few locations. They also apparently emailed several random Penn State email accounts, meaning they also relied on spam to advertise their service.

The company itself is headed by a bunch of students from UMass, so I have a feeling this whole thing is a class project that evolved into something else. At least Penn State students are creative when they do this. If you’re really desperate to find a place to find Penn State related links, try the top of the page you’re reading right now. There aren’t even any ads!

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Nick is a junior majoring in IST (the Internet) and CAS (saying things). He hopes to one day get paid to do this, but for now he is willing to do it for the fame. Besides writing for Onward State, he also puts things on the Internet here.


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