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Nothing beats waking up on a Saturday morning to fight off people to get what you really want. You would know what I am talking about if you went to this yesterday. Trash to Treasure is a great way for the Penn State community to recycle and share what they no longer need. All proceeds made from these sales (one in the Winter and one in the Summer) go to local charities which are supported by the Centre County United Way. The sale itself started at 9 am (people tend to line up in advance) and then the madness ensued. As a good friend of mine put it, “It’s like a flea market in here!”.

Yes. That is precisely what it is. People tried to block other people out to get what they really want. However, there was a bit of a civility behind what was done, as I had not seen any fist fights break out. The best part is that there was a lot of stuff over there which is absolutely worth getting. Some very notable items:

  • An official Penn State Basketball kit bag for $3
  • A working iPod Touch for $70
  • An entire suit for $5
  • A weight set for $40

They also had other great stuff like DVD players, bed lofts, coffee makers, old clothes, comforters, school supplies, printers, furniture sets etc. I would highly recommend going to check out the one in the summer and getting stuff for your apartment or house for the next school year. I know I did. I bought a fireplace for $2!

So did you guys make any great purchases at Trash to Treasure?

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