ARHS Update: What’s Happening in the Dorms?

We wrote some time back about UPUA and CCSG plans for the coming semester, but what about ARHS? Well, they too have kept themselves very busy this summer to help springboard themselves into a good position for the fall. ARHS President Steve Roberts had this to say about ARHS for the upcoming semester:

ARHS has progressed rapidly over the summer.  Our entire delegation for this coming school year is highly motivated and has continued to work for and contribute to our organization over the summer.  Several highly talented and promising leaders have filled the vacancies from our graduating class and we are confident that many more will arrive with the new freshman class this fall.

It is great to see that ARHS has already replaced their leaders with other capable students. ARHS also sent out a delegation of nine representatives to a national conference out in San Diego, California to explore new programming ideas for students. They also voted on national legislation(which directly affects ARHS’ constitution) and learned more about student development.

Some other programs which they are working on over summer include:

  • Organizing the annual Race Against Racism. It is usually run in the fall and is a 5k race to raise  diversity awareness and programming across campus.
  • Creation of a Freshman Initiative. This is supposed to help incoming freshmen “transition smoothly into college life and push them towards a positive mentality here at Penn State.”  The event includes distribution of literature on safety information and an invitation to attend a movie night, co-sponsored by East Halls Housing. The event will include two movies which have not yet gone to DVD and snacks, pizza and drinks. (Free food and free movies! AWESOME)
  • The second night of the Freshman Initiative includes ice skating. ARHS has pre-paid for several hundred pairs of skates and even if the prepaid skates run out, students can rent out their own for a fee of $2.
  • The Freshman Initiative continues into the next weekend when ARHS will host a tailgate on Football Eve for freshmen, an event also co-sponsored by East Halls Housing.
  • ARHS is looking to foster a sense of community within their organization and their Area governments. Steve feels that ARHS  “have struggled as an organization from a loss of a community vibe in the past and that is something we look to recapture in the fall.  Once this is accomplished people can expect anything and everything from ARHS.”
  • ARHS is also looking to continue the safety initiatives with UPUA and other undisclosed projects throughout the year. They are also looking forward to working with National Residence Halls Honorary (NRHH) and  to collaborating with other student groups.
  • ARHS are looking to continue other popular programs like their Casino Night and Area Holiday parties.

Steve had this to say about the future of ARHS:

Look to ARHS in the fall not only for our traditional venues but for new ideas, transformed events, new events, and a greater impact on campus.  I encourage any student, organization, or faculty member to approach us with any ideas they might have as they will be heard and their ideas will be seriously considered.

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