A Sojourn onto the Floor

I thought I’d take a short walk-a-bout through the craziness of the THON floor to pick out some of the finer details that are difficult to see from up here in the press box. Here’s some of what I saw:

Characters Sighted:

A jester, The Cat in the Hat, The Geico Gecko, Men in Black (AKA THON child Eli Sibler and his father), a clown, and Lady Gaga.

Items found/stumbled upon:

Foam sword, squirt pistol, smiley-face balloon, butterfly head-band, Iron Man bouncy ball.

Notable events:

A THON child dominated one of his dancers in Skee-ball, leading me to believe that a THON child vs. dancer game session would be dominated by the kids.

A THON child absolutely pelted a dancer with a gigantic beach ball. The dancer told him to do it. That’s THON for you.

To the Moraler who was on the tail-end of the silly-string barrage of the century: I’m sorry, I hope that doesn’t result in an unexpected Wigs for Kids donation.

The longest snake-dance so far this weekend formulated to the sounds of Move It! I partook.

Right before I left the floor, a dance circle formed that attracted the attention of the entire BJC. I couldn’t see over the heads of the others (there are some tall dancers out there), but needless to say, someone was breaking it down in there. Pretty cool.

That was what I saw on the floor. What cool stuff have you seen this weekend?

Photo by Onward State Photographer Melanie

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