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Day: February 20, 2010

Indie Spotlight: A-7

While on the floor, I ran into Rachel Tsupros, a dancer for the independent organization A-7. The following is the short conversation we had about A-7, what it means to dance at THON, and quality vintage suits. Read on for the full interview.

A Sojourn onto the Floor

I thought I'd take a short walk-a-bout through the craziness of the THON floor to pick out some of the finer details that are difficult to see from up here in the press box. Here's some of what I saw:

Characters Sighted:

A jester, The Cat in the Hat, The Geico Gecko, Men in Black (AKA THON child Eli Sibler and his father), a clown, and Lady Gaga.

Items found/stumbled upon:

Foam sword, squirt pistol, smiley-face balloon, butterfly head-band, Iron Man bouncy ball.

Read on for some more notable events.

Indie Spotlight: Blue Band THON

We all know what everybody REALLY comes to the football games for. It's not the team, PJ, DC, or the NL. It's the BB's performances (PJ Maierhofer, Daryll Clark, Nittany Lion, and the Blue Band for those of you slow at acronyms). With 4 dancers, the Blue Band shows its spirit just as much at THON, and I was able to sit down with Moira Davies, the Blue Band THON captain.

Read on for my interview with Moira...

Greek Profile: ATΩ and ZTA

We caught up with ATΩ Secretary CJ Koluch (the American speedo "Single Ladies" guy!) and ZTA President Kim Sargent for a conversation about THON, their families, and ways to get every eye in the BJC on you. Read on for the full interview.

The Ultimate Party Playlist

What would a dance marathon be without music? To keep dancers going through the weekend, THON plays what might be one of the most epic party playlists of all time. Between DJ Larry Moore, live bands, and even some Rock Band, the music rarely lets up throughout the weekend.

Spending most of the weekend in the BJC, I've heard a lot of music. Read on for my top 10 songs of THON so far (in no particular order).

Onward State Meets President Spanier

One of the fortuitous things about being on Press Row is the fact that we can sit down. Another is that we are in close proximity to the club boxes. On a quick jaunt to the concession stand, we had the opportunity to talk to President Graham Spanier about THON.

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