Indie Spotlight: A-7

While on the floor, I ran into Rachel Tsupros, a dancer for the independent organization A-7. The following is the short conversation we had about A-7, what it means to dance at THON, and quality vintage suits.

OS: What made you join A-7 over all the organizations out there?

Rachel: I joined A-7 because it was based out of Atherton, where I lived. Once I attended the meetings, I realized I wanted to join because it had such a close family-like atmosphere.

OS: How long have you been involved with THON?

Rachel: Three years with THON, two years with A-7.

OS: Where is your favorite place to can?

Rachel: There is a really great canning strip near King of Prussia.

OS: What made you want to dance for A-7?

Rachel: I felt like it was the most I could do for my organization. Our family had a rough year …and I wanted to do something special for them.

OS: What song do you most want to hear this weekend?

Rachel: Open Your Eyes by Snow Patrol.

OS: What’s the coolest thing you have seen so far this weekend?

Rachel: My dance partner wearing a powder-blue 70’s-style suit.

OS: If you were a dinosaur, which dinosaur would you be?

Rachel: A brontosaurus.

Check back for more spotlights on independent organizations as THON continues!

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